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Welcome to the Estimator online screen of SA2000
- the recognised software system for tax returns.
HMRC recognised our software for Internet filing in February 2010

We have regained recognition from HMRC for the new tax year

Download the Tax estimator for 5 tax years and test it for free

Our estimator includes the following facilities:

a) 5 years of tax calculations, last two years, this year and two more years;

b) tax software recognised by HMRC;

c) ideal for accountants to advise their clients about payments on account, especially when profits/income are likely to vary significantly;

d) calculation of monthly savings in order to make payments to HMRC;

e) "what if" scenarios to adjust payments;

f) reduces the possibility of underpayments (and interest) and unnecessary overpayments.

g) agents who buy our tax software can link the estimator to their client database.

What does it cost?

It is free to download and try, the full version uses a special code and costs 59.99 and is designed for accountants and agents. You can buy the code here.

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