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Welcome to the Diary of Current Events Questions screen of SA2000
- the approved tax software system.

Some Current Events which you should be aware of:

Is your software for 2016-17 available?

Yes, we were one of the first to be recognised by the HM Revenue & Customs.

Has HMRC revised its calculation for 2016-17?

Yes, the calculation has changed.

Have you updated the software for 2016-17?

Yes, we have updated the software for the revised calculation.

Can I submit a tax return by the Internet for 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16 after 5 April 2017?

Yes, HM Revenue & Customs will accept it.

Can I still print out the tax return for earlier years and send it by post?

Yes, you can still print the return, sign it and post it to HM Revenue & Customs.

Is QMS's software reliable?

Yes it is. Our software passed all HM Revenue & Customs' tests, indeed we continue to find some problems with HM Revenue & Customs' own software which they were not aware of.

Is the Revenue's service reliable?

It may be. You may have seen that the Revenue has its problems, here are two examples Problem and Problem.

Is the Revenue's calculation of tax correct?

Not in all cases. Please see this list of problems

Is the Revenue's service working?

Probably, see here Or see here.

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